Our complete standard range of products.

If you are looking for a specific product and cannot seem to find it in one of our catalogues, then please consult our Essentials 2017 catalogue where you can find our complete standard range of products, including our colorings, moulds, crunches, shimmers and sprays.

Spring - 2017

This Spring 2017 catalogue has been designed once again to help you transform your customers’ most profound emotions into the finest, most delicate dishes and preparations.
From Valentine’s Day to Easter, our colors and decorations take care of everything – right down to the tiniest detail. With a smile on your face too, because our Cartoon collection brings a happy note to everything you create. From a tartlet with a funny face to a biscuit with a wink; they all provide instant happiness in what promises to be a lavish spring season. And our printed blisters will give your Easter eggs a personal touch and make Easter a time full of (pleasant) surprises.
That’s enough talk for now: it’s time to spoil you with our new collections filled
with color and flavour. Here’s to a fabulously creative spring!


Giving sense to food

We know we don’t really have to tell you, but every great chocolate creation began with a small idea. And again this year we aim to inspire you to produce really sublime creations. Now that the Christmas and winter collections are gradually coming into view, we thought we’d like to wrap you up with a team of French, British and Belgian chefs in the latest new color and winter trends for 2016-2017.
So dip into this catalogue and allow yourself to be towed along by our five latest collections. From underneath the Christmas tree to Alaska on to the stars and back again, our ready-made chocolate decorations will give your winter creations the fresh boost you are looking for. Our absolute eye-catchers? They would have to be the Buche Crowns, 3D chocolate clips and innovative Christmas log edges. The new Caramel Doré decorations also open up all kinds of interesting prospects, with heir subtle light brown color and touches of caramel. Ideal when combined with our unique CocoartTM colors!
And – oh, yes – the truffle is back with a vengeance! But it’s time to stop serving up those delicacies in black and white only and try them out in an array of dazzling colors instead. Which is where our new colored truffle powders and printed truffle shells can lend you a helping hand.
Well, enough said – it’s time to take action! Take a daring dive into a sea of color, intense flavours, sparkling creativity, tips & tricks – and so much more. In a word, enough to blow your customers’ socks off!