1. 102,60 €

    Cupido 4 Blister. Blister with a assorted red prints based on sugar to make chocolate hearts. Tip for Valentine's day. En savoir plus
  2. 90,00 €

    Blister for making a 3D Chocolate Football 25mm with brown print based on sugar. En savoir plus
  3. 81,90 €

    Vitalia 3 30mm Blister. Hemisphere blister with a full gold print based on sugar. Tip for Christmas. En savoir plus
  4. Silvia (30 mm) - 3D

    Silvia (30 mm) - 3D

    81,90 €

    BL bal30 Silvia D30 volvlak 000725s/S0153/CPVCSILVi_crea En savoir plus
  5. Homemade


    90,00 €

    BL Stamp 32x32 Seal Home Made 001383s/S0448/CBR50o En savoir plus
  6. Artisanal


    90,00 €

    BL Stamp 32x32 Seal Artisanal 001447s/S0448/CBR50o En savoir plus
  7. Artisanaal


    90,00 €

    BL Stamp 32x32 Seal Artisanaal 001448s/S0448/CBR50o En savoir plus
  8. 42,90 €

    3D Chocolate decoration eggs made of white Belgian chocolate with brown cocoart print based on sugar. 130x90mm. Each pack contains 2x 15 half eggs. Tip for Easter. En savoir plus